New Pig Panties are So Cute!

New Pig Panties are So Cute!

Pig PantiesYou wanted pig panties and now we’ve got them for you. Take a look at these pretty pink panties or shall we say fuchsia pink. When all of us girls saw these, we were like, oh my god we have to put these on the site!

Not only are the adorable as can be but they will make a perfect pair for all the little piggies out there and you know who we are referring to.

Luckily for us and you, these aren’t thongs so they will hold your junk in and covered those hairy butts, that should be shaved I might add.

Now with these super cute pig panties you have a choice of colors and sizes. So lets start with the colors! You have your pick of Pink, White and Red.

As for the sizes they are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect fit.

Don’t worry though regardless of color you’ll still get to have the cute little pink pig on your booty. Imagine how cute you’ll be when you have these on under you “man clothes”. What are you waiting for? Go pig out on a pair on


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